Monday, December 03, 2007

MARTIN BLANKEver notice how many movies John Cusack is outside of the love interest's window being all stalker-ish? Its like in his contract or something. Also, sometimes, hes on a payphone in the rain. Thats cool, cause hes a fine actor.
I totally wanted to do the scene where Minnie Driver is like "You're such a F&%$ing psycho!" And John answers, " Dont rush to judgement till all the facts are in." It was a sweet scene. This was a pretty cool flic. This one is for Blair.
Just also wanted to add that the more i look at this sketch the more i dislike it. I drew it in between segments of "Heroes" last night and thought at the time I was doing a good job. Like "wow I dont even have to concentrate and I can draw this perfectly." Thats just the wrong approach. You always have to have the eye of the tiger when you draw anything.


Anonymous said...

Woo-ha! Excellent, sir!

I have many favorite moments in that film -- "This is me breathing", the baby and the Bringer of Death as "Under Pressure" crescendos in the background, the fight with the assassin to "Mirror In the Bathroom", and frying pan to the head -- KLANG!! -- "I'm in love with you!"

Thanks for sketchin' it.

Andre Szymanowicz said...

Yeah those are all great moments! What a great character movie. I mean, there are better character movies of course, but this one just packs so much in there and still comes out great!