Monday, October 19, 2009

BRING ME EVERYONEThis Wednesday, I want EVERYONE to go out and buy Elephantmen #22 OKAY!!!??

Otherwise, not much else going on right now. I did the Baltimore Comic Con last week. Pictures and some sketches I did are up at
It was a really, really great trip. I met a lot of cool people who were big fans of Richard Starkings' epic series. Its kinda funny, I always dig my self deep when I start to tell Richard how amazing it is that so many people love this book.
Usually it goes something like this:
"Richard, Its amazing how many people come up to us and tell us what big fans they are, holy cow!"
"Not that its amazing that they are fans"
"I mean, you know, its just a lot more people than I would have thought"
"I mean but, its like the book is so great so I shouldn't really be surprised."
"Hey, what if I just stop talking now?"

And there, you go. Its like you are there in the booth with us.

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boo said...

cheers Andre - i read your issue and thought it was wicked! your linework has stacks of character which like, really adds to the character's characters, plus the street scenes and the ladeez are just lovely - top hole!