Tuesday, December 18, 2007

GET IT IN GEAR SZYMANOWICZGotta get back to drawing more of my own characters, so thats whats happening for the sketch today. Im ashamed to admit, I havent actually drawn even one page for issue #2 yet. Ive definitely written it and pretty much thumbnailed it, but I havent taken it as seriously as I should. My hopeful deadline used to be April and at the time I thought I was giving myself SO much space to get 40 lousy pages done. Now, it seems kinda tight. I just need to go and keep rolling again.
In more positive news, I am absolutely sure that Groove Junction #2 will at least LOOK better. Ive learned so much from the first one and just keeping the drawing going with this blog has helped as well. DOOO EEEEET!

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