Tuesday, February 19, 2008

MORE SILLY FUNMore musings on what id do about Teen Titans. I think it would be cool if there was a dude on the team who had a power ring like Green Lantern, but it was a little different. Like... Blue Lantern. I dunno.
I might change some things around on this guy, but I like the jacket.
In Groove Junction #2 news, it goes kind of inconsistently. One night ill get almost nothing done, but just last night I almost pencilled two full pages in about three to four hours. So I'm on page 6(pencils) and my goal is to get to 20 pages(completely done) by New York Comic Con in April. Sound crazy? I dunno but I'm not giving up.


Anonymous said...

They actually did Blue Lanterns recently in GL apparently. Go figure. No. G'wan. Figure. NOW. GET TO THA CHOPPA!

Andre Szymanowicz said...

hehe yeah after I did this i just googled Blue Lantern and found out about it. Silly me, I shoulda guessed they already did something like this.

My thought for this character was gonna be something like one of the big labs in the DCU tried to manufacture their own power ring and it ended up in the hands of this juvenile delinquent. He ends up on the run from those guys and joins the Teen Titans. Its just a little fun thing to think about.