Monday, March 17, 2008


Havent posted much of anything lately. There are probably two reasons. Both are pretty silly.

One, I picked up Super Smash Brothers. My thing about video games is that I cant really separate drawing time and game time. I have to do all one thing or the other. So all this past week its been Smash Brothers. Basically, its been smothering my comic productivity. Pretty sad! Its funny though, I was thinking about how if I come home after already working the whole day and NOT do comics, it feels like Im taking an actual vacation! hehe

Two, Ive been kinda bummed about finally not being able to get a table at the New York Comic Con. The one con I SHOULD go to (being that its close and I can just commute to it) and I couldnt even get it together even though Ive been trying since September? Yeesh!
Whenever there is a con, it helps me get motivated to get my work done. Like, I gotta have new stuff ready to show off or it wont be worth going. So its just kinda sad thats all. Im still attending though, so Im sure it will be fun going around and saying hi to all my favorite artists.

Anyway, I have a couple things in my sketchbook that Im working up so I may post those kinda soonish. Dont hold your breath though! Oh thats right, you werent! HAHA :D JK!!

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