Friday, June 13, 2008


This will be a bit of bad and good news. But I suppose that all depends how much you care about what I have to say in the first place :). I also think the bad news is really something that could be good so its all relative really. Anyway...
The bad is that I canceled my plans to go to Wizard World Chicago. There are two reasons. One is when I think about how much plane tickets cost now and the money Ill have to spend out of my pocket, it really doesnt add up to me attending this year. Two, is that I usually get thrown way off schedule after one of these things and I cant afford to miss much more time drawing. I think it will pay off if I work hard to get Groove Junction #2 done and have it ready for SPX later this year.
So some of the good news is that Im definitely going to SPX in Bethesda, MA, October 4 & 5. And I'll have more than one comic to sell!
Also, everything for Comic Book Tattoo (based on songs from Tori Amos, I have 9 pages in it) is looking really great. I wish you guys could see how cool the packaging looks for it. Not to mention the amazing art. Its one of those things that just keep looking better and better when it already was an incredible project. It should be a must buy for everybody.
I just finished a couple pages for Fat Chunk, Zombie. Its an anthology from Slave Labor Graphics. I'll see if I can post that stuff up.
Now I just gotta keep rolling on Groove Junction. Ill be honest, it's not going as fast as I would like. In two weeks, I plan to finish up on 18 pages and im planning on having 20 more by September. For some of my comic friends, this would be no sweat at all. For me, its cutting it close. I just gotta get faster and keep pushing through it no matter what.

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