Thursday, July 03, 2008

SUSHI NACHOSSometimes it's important to start new stories even if you know it's a pretty undeveloped idea at the moment. You gotta keep working it till you get all the impurities out like a piece of steel being made into an unbreakable sword. Then sometimes, there are ideas like the ones Rob Liefield and Image had in the 90's. Those were pulled out of the oven WAY too early.
Anyway yeah, Sushi Nachos is just something that's new and i'll just have to keep thinking about. Basically, I like sushi a lot and that's about where we are at. Now you know how I think of most of my stories. Nothing may ever come of it, but who knows.

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GABO said...

bro... i wanna see this shit.
mexican food plus japanese food.. fuckin epic.