Monday, August 25, 2008


A few things real quick.
I've been juggling a bunch of stuff lately. It makes me think to around this time last year when all I had was Groove Junction. It was a lot easier focus-wise for my ADD riddled brain, I'll say that for sure. Yup.
I'm gonna show off some Groove Junction #2 stuff real soon here. Yes I know, its been a long time since I promised it would come out. Sorry bout that, I really am. I made the excuse that I had other things like Comic Book Tattoo and such, but really I should have stepped up to the plate a bit more. Still, the year has been great so far, so no regrets beyond that.
I have an interview coming up with the nice folks at I'm not quite sure when its gonna be up, but I will let you know. I'm telling a lot about Comic Book Tattoo and my process and how I work in it.
That image up there is supposed to be for a postcard I am printing for SPX in October. Good stuff.
Talk to you soon!
EDIT: 9/02/08 fixed some proportions on the figure

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Anonymous said...

Man, your sketch blog just makes my day. I absolutely love your style and ideas and I don't think I've told you enough!