Wednesday, September 24, 2008

P????? 3I'm working on stuff. There is more than this, but these are the inked pages I have for now. These are for P????? 3. :)
Stupid stomach flu got me bad last week and I missed a couple days of work. That was pretty rough but I think I'm better now.
Don't forget about SPX next week! I got some sweet postcards that I'll give away with bought comics. Perfect for drawing pictures on the back of too. I'll post pictures of them when they come in.
Oh my website isn't going to work for the moment, but I just got new hosting and I'll be fixing that up soon too.
Back to work!


DonaldHelloStudio said...

yuppiee! looking cool!
yeah, i was thinking to link yours too, cause you stash the good stuff in here!
(((and with the damn DA not working by me that well i´m going to post more stuff on this again!)))
greets, andre!

Ralph Winfish :D

thedave said...

Really diggin' your stuff. Love the coloring. I am going to check groove junction out.

GABO said...

dog... those pages literally gave me a boner - and made me super jealous at the SAME TIME.

i hate you hahaha