Wednesday, October 08, 2008

SPX was really cool. I know that everyone there felt the sheer love of comics, untainted by the big corporations. No movies, video games or cosplayers. Well, maybe a few costumes, but they were fun to see.
Walking around this con is one of my favorite things, because you get to see so many comics that you would not get to see otherwise. I felt my wallet get lighter and lighter everytime I left my table. I think I sold stuff just so I could buy more junk from everyone else!
I really enjoyed meeting people like Chris and Kat (pictured above) from the Void Message boards, who gave me some of their awesome mini comics. If you want to check out their work, its:
I really enjoyed seeing Lamar again and picking up the third issue of his amazing work called Remake.
I definitely need to have a larger selection of things to sell next time I go to an indy con like this. You don't tend to get the kind of commissions as at a larger mainstream con. All in all though, it was lots of fun.


Anonymous said...

Are there more pics somewhere? I would like to see more pics. Love con pics.

Andre Szymanowicz said...

They have a pool for SPX photos on flickr:

I dont think i'm in any of them.