Wednesday, January 14, 2009

COVER IDEAJust a cover idea mock-up for issue 2. I might go with something completely different, closer to the close-up picture I did for my sketchbook cover. I might even do a final of this anyway and use it for my sign at the New York Comic Con.

Anyway you cut it, I'm running out of time!!


Anonymous said...

Unlike you, I discovered I had more time than I expected. I was planning to have WS #1 done by the first local con of the year, to debut it there (usually in early March) but this year, they pushed back that first show to early May. Oh well... more time to refine, I suppose. Still hope to have ten pages and a cover to the big "I" before too long.

I like this design, cover-wise, though I might drop the title just a bit more.

Andre Szymanowicz said...

Thanks for the input Blair!!

If you want any advise back atcha - dont be like me and wait too long! Make the most of the time you have! Stop playing 360!? haha