Wednesday, March 04, 2009

BUCKLES WHEN WETOkay, its been a couple weeks. I've been working on a lot of different things though. There are like 3 different significant projects and one of them is not Groove Junction. :( They are all related to Image comics though. :D

I know, poor Groove Junction, keeps getting pushed back. If I may just say quickly, I really want it to be good on so many levels. The story, to me, is solid and the characters are so much fun. In my mind it has so much potential, but the more projects I work on that get a wider audience, the better it will be for my own personal stories. At this stage, its just necessary.

I will eventually post about the other things I am working on and show off some of the artwork. Till then, here is something from the ol sketchbook that I colored up last night. The new brown paper book is the same material as the last, but is larger. I have found that means the paper buckles more when wet. A trade-off I suppose. I hope to fill it with fun colors. See ya soon!


Dan McDaid said...

This is great. I really, REALLY dig your style.

GABO said...


the colors rock my FACE.

i'm jealous

moritat said...


Use less water on the page or go with a illustration board till you get comfortable and then go back to to watercolor paper.

I've got these full on painted acrlyic comic book pages done by Kev walker. not a single buckle or warp on it. i've been studying them for years.