Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I'm trying to find something to update this thing with lately, but all I've really been doing is trying to shape up one of my stories.

Indiepulp was kind enough to do a quick interview with me about Popgun 3 and other stuff i am working on. Check it out HERE.

I'll post some new artwork soon I think!!


Blair said...

W00t! Thanks for the shout-out. Fun interview too -- and nice that they're doing the "what's your process?" thing.

Cintiq isn't over-hyped -- just far too over-priced. Bleh.

Andre Szymanowicz said...

I guess I was just thinking over hyped in the way that it seems to have become a necessary tool these days. Its rarer to find people who use real paint. Kids are gonna grow up thinking all we ever did was draw on the monitor.

Blair said...

I guess I can see that... there were a few people who've complimented me on my older paintings and said "it was so good, I thought it was digital." I wonder how they figured out digital without a basis in traditional.

However, many haven't quite discovered the Cintiq. Most are on tablets, and stuck there, thinking nothing could be better. They even had a poll on dA, and a surprising number didn't even know what a Cintiq or tablet PC was.