Thursday, May 28, 2009

ROUGHI feel bad not putting anything up here. This is a rough for one of the spreads in that book I am currently working on.

Otherwise, I do little updates in Twitter now from time to time throughout the day. Who knows how long this Twitter thing will last though. If we are all fortunate, not very long.

Things that have been sizzling through my brainwaves lately while I work have been about Groove Junction. I will more than likely reboot it when I get a chance. My drawing has changed so drastically since that first issue. Its like I will keep everything I've done, but drawn better and with extra stuff to fill it out. And next time, no waiting between issues. I want to get everything done and then release either all at once in a nice self-contained book, or as separate issues that people don't have to wait long for. You'll see, someday. I've been thinking about just putting what I have up online too. But not till I get some time to do it.

Peace out for now.


boo said...

hi andre!

that's a wicked 3-d treatment of the famous ladronn setting - oozing with life and detail - sweet!

i notice simm lurking in the background too...sneaky!

Domo stanton said...

Wow the perspective on this is awesome! and the space itself is so lively, very inspirational man!