Thursday, June 18, 2009

ELEPHANTMEN 22Yay, just got permission to post this up. You saw the rough for this earlier. Took me a while. Its actually based off of a more head-on view of this scene that was drawn by Ladrönn. This will also be a bit more cropped to the restraints of the comic page size, but I drew everything out just to see what I liked and did not.
Also, I forget now if I mentioned it, but I am drawing issues 22 and 23 of Elephantmen. This would be from 22.

Sorry for not posting stuff on this blog as regularly. These comics are taking LOADS of time. I really want to get it right. Till then, see ya later! Hopefully sooner!


GABO said...

dude this shit blows my mind amigo.
i wanna do a page like this like YESTERDAY hahaha.

one thing i gotta whine about though is the dude walking the dog, and the two people on the far left,


dude with the dog looks like forest gump, when he had his leg braces on, bend those knees amigo!
same with the other too on the left.

i dont know if you ever heard of the animation survival kit, but i've got the book on video.. and its godamn amazing. Its helped me so much with my illustration, with sense of weight and movement... i'll try and compress these files so i can upload em somewhere!!

Andre Szymanowicz said...

Ah man so true. Thanks for pointing that out. I need to hear it.

The book may indeed be full of detailed, stiff, non-sexy women after I am done.

Yeah let me know if you can get that stuff to me, that would rock!

boo said...

this page is the proverbial shizz - yer a brave man and no mistake! i saw your pic of hip on the e'men blog too - really digging your handling of the characters, lovely lines too...looking forward to seeing #22 in print! (especially the coloured version of this page)

e'men team GO!

Dan McDaid said...

Bloddy hell - lovely stuff.

Sonny Liew said...

cool beans! :)