Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A quick sneak peak at one of the panels. I actually have to fix this and remove his shoes, but here you can see what it would have been like to see Ebony's argyle socks. I goofed and put shoes on him, unlike what Richard told me in the script, but I will secretly cry for those socks. Oh the magic.

And this my friends is what happens when you have been drawing Hippos and sexy girls and then watch a Miyazaki film. Man, I cant wait to watercolor this when I get a moment.

Oh and the last thing: This year is very special it seems, for a lot of reasons. The biggest is that I will have a new baby boy or girl in a couple months. The other reason is that I have multiple places to be at the San Diego Comic Con this year (yes, my wife is beyond awesome for letting me go). One will be the Image Booth at the PopGun table. Sushi Nachos!!!! Another place will be somewhere that I have been listed as a "mystery guest". Ooooo. I think you can solve the mystery though and track me down. Your reward will be a free sketch!

More on all that stuff in the very near future as I get more details.

See ya soon!!!


Dan McDaid said...

My Neighbor Totoro, right?

Love these, Andre - your texture work is *really* nice.

Aluísio Cervelle Santos said...

Oh damn! This sitting elephant looks all sorts of incredible!
I love all the volume you give him, and oh, the hatching!

Andre Szymanowicz said...

Thanks guys.

Dan, yup I was trying to homage a scene from Totoro