Thursday, January 07, 2010

Sketches for cards for a charity auction. Pretty much the first time I've really drawn some of these characters with the exception of maybe Luke Skywalker once. I will transfer these onto the cards and tighten them up a bit before throwing some watercolor on them I think.

Been busy as hell lately, coloring, drawing and all kinds of stuff. All kinds of projects going on at the same time. If it rains it pours, never fails. Its gonna be a hectic couple of months, but its welcome after all the holiday downtime.

Been thinking ahead a little and it seems like it would be cool to go to Wondercon this year. I think I should have a nice chunk of work done by then to feel ok about being there. Plus, I've never been to San Fransisco, so why not!? I always wanted to see Starfleet academy anyway!


JG Roshell said...

Lovely! That solo is just dead-on.

Here's to lots of business in '010! or is it just '10 now? i'm so confused.

Ryan Kelly said...

Nice, I like your work. The watercolors are fab.