Thursday, April 15, 2010


So this post is all about Sushi Nachos.

Matthew Taggart, recently married and swamped with his day job at being an all around awesome video guy, (is that your official title, Matt?) made time to put together a sweet video for Sushi Nachos 2. here - CHECK THIS OUT

He also made those little figures himself! You can see them animated in the clip. I'm so happy that Matt is writing this story. I'm hoping I can hold up my end and get the drawing finished before too long, but it will be the first of a lot of awesomeness to come from both of us.

The other thing I posted is a rough and kind of a color test (the final version will be watercolors) for the first page. This basically breaks down the back story a little before getting into the main plot.

Hope you enjoyed this little snippet and stay tuned for more!

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