Wednesday, August 04, 2010


This has been my longest dry spell of not posting in my blog.

I posted before about how much I want to draw more actual comic pages, but that goal still hasn't been going like I want. What it boils down to is that drawing comics is very hard, and you have to want something like that very badly if you wish to be successful at it. Wow, thanks for the obvious news, Andre!

Sorry to be a drag. I did do two more pages for the Charley story, which I thought looked decent. That should be out in Elephantmen #27 in about a month.

And as far as anything other comics news is concerned, I think I will just wait for a few more posts so as not to jinx it! :)


elio said...

That's so funny, i was just doodling that magic girl the other day too. MUST BE SOMETHING IN THE AIR!

Andre Szymanowicz said...

Yes indeed! Double rainbows must be in the air, making us draw magical boobies!

Geoffrey said...

I spy some Hepburn in there. Good stuff, kiddo!

Doug! said...

Parabéns pelos seus trabalhos, já o acompanho faz muito tempo.

Gosto muito de suas aquarelas....parabéns!

Da proxima vez tento fazer um comentário em inglês.


Doug! said...
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