Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Hi, its been a long time. I got a new day job, and basically had very little time to draw. I'm trying to pick it back up, so here is a warm-up I did before I get to some comics pages.

Been liking my brush pen a lot lately. You don't have to dip it, and it gives a nice dry brush effect when you want.

See ya soon hopefully!



Anonymous said...

i like it.

Unknown said...

Wow! You're awesome! Now try doing him wearing a sombrero while riding a giant 2 headed turtle with an eating disorder while he throws kitchen utensils at people!

lionking2010 said...

this is amazing.....do the joker!

Angel Medina said...

i would really like to see a background, unless batman is just in the vast blank space of limbo. please add a background it might help to understand why his arm is up in a defensive position.