Sunday, December 02, 2007

TIM DRAKEWhen they made Tim Drake the new Robin it was the coolest thing ever to read in a comic. I really grew attached to this character growing up in high school. I think it felt like he was a superhero I could be too if I only worked hard enough. Now not so much, but back then I could really relate to him.
Oh and I fixed the problem where it asks you to download the picture. Just click on it and it should work fine. :)


Shannon said...

Hey, great art in this blog.
I've had that same problem with it asking the viewer to download the picture. How did you fix it?

Andre Szymanowicz said...

This helped me solve the problem. You have to basically go to the html of your post, change the R to h and then copy and paste the new directory.

If you check the blogger message boards as well, you will definitely find a few people who delt with the issue.