Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A PAGE... A DAY??Did these couple pages in my sketchbook while looking at different creators that inspire me. The left side and the bottom right are all while reading NausicaƤ. The Spirit is while reading Eisner and the upper right is while reading some Blade of the Immortal by Hiroaki Samura.

The thing I was going to announce today is something I am afraid may or may not work out(pretty confident, right?). In efforts to get my book done, I will try to get done a page a day.
Now, I do have a day job and a little family to take care of, so it won't be the easiest thing to do. The thing is, I just have to get this book done, and challenging myself out loud like this is the only way I know to keep some accountability.

The rules are that I can get them done retroactively though. If I miss a day and get two pages done the next day, I'm still ok. We will see how this works out with all the holiday stuff that is going to happen in the next month. I can't promise it will all be gravy, but it will at least help me focus a little. Lets go!!!

Also, got the new Killers album and it's pretty sweet so far!

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