Friday, December 05, 2008

POPGUN 3Page 7 of 12 from my Popgun 3 story, Sushi Nachos. I think this is coming out around March? It hasn't been announced yet though I believe.

Well ok, that page a day thing turned out to be total crap. I think it just gets too busy during the holidays. I still don't know how I'm gonna pull off 20 some pages of Groove Junction by the middle of January (giving myself a couple weeks for printing). Ahhhhh its just not gonna happen.


Anonymous said...

Tell me about it. I'm aiming for 20 to 30 pages of Wayward Son before mid-January. Bluh. Fail. I'm halfway through page three and finding things to rewrite in the script as I go.

BTW -- Read Sushi Nachos -- brilliant, quirky shtuff, man. I want a full length of this too. There ya go. 20 pages of GJ and SN by Feb. GO!

MaryHatchet said...

very talanted drawings!