Thursday, December 18, 2008

Updates have been pretty sparse lately. I've been working, hoping to achieve a comic before the New York con in 7 weeks. That means less time for sketching as I try and race to accomplish Groove Junction #2. I have about 13 pages all inked and five more penciled. The goal to get to 22 pages seems realistic, but I really want a total of 30. The next book would be be at least around 40 - 50 pages to really get everything I want into it. Time will only tell what happens there.

These sketches were done while reading some of my favorite artist's works, Samura and Gipi. The right side was posted previously, but in pencil. I love my brush pen so so much. Picked it up at Kinokuniya when Gabe Bautista and I were in Seattle for Emerald City. Makes me want to do a comic in brush again so bad.

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Brian Lue Sang said...

Your work looks great. Yeah, I love my brush pen as well.

Oddly enough, while it has incredible versatility, I sometimes jump between it and an actual brush. Not sure why...