Tuesday, July 21, 2009

MY NEIGHBOR HIP FLASKYeah I actually did finish this!! I had some fun doing a watercolor illustration again after so long.

This will likely be the last post before San Diego. Anyone who is going, I hope you have a great time and it would be great to see you there. That being said, here is where you can find me:

PopGun table at the Image booth: Friday 5pm-6pm

** oh and I will be GIVING AWAY copies of my old comic, GROOVE JUNCTION here at this time. First come, first serve. I will proly only bring about 30 copies so boogie on over.

Elephantmen table (booth #2106): I'll be here most often, no set times exactly.

See ya all in a week!!

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Brian Lue Sang said...

Great work, as usual!