Thursday, February 18, 2010


Wow its been a while! HI! Here are a few things. The first is a promo for the next Sushi Nachos. More of like a warm up since I wanted to get the characters in my system a little better after so long. This did not come out the way I wanted. The figures are so stiff and NOTHING is referenced. That Vespa and guitar are just like, sad. I'd go more into it, but it would get even more annoying.
The other is another warm up from the sketchbook and a quick lunch-time rough for one of the scenes.

Oh! And my good buddy, Matthew Taggart is going to make his comics debut with the script for this one. He wrote a REALLY fun story, if that one panel isn't indication enough. I'm really excited to have Tagg with me on this.

Its gonna go slow due to other comic obligations like working on stuff for Comicraft and helping color the Spirit for DC, but it will definitely get there as quick as I can possibly go. I'm so busy, but so much more excited than ever for all this stuff.

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JG Roshell said...

Yeah, sad guitar indeed. but who cares, when the girl on the yellow page looks so excellent.