Monday, March 01, 2010


This is bad. I always do this. I put time into doing warm-ups and leave very little time for the work I am actually warming up FOR. Well, that's just one of the lessons I have to learn. The Sally sketches are new, but the Beatles one I posted before without the washes. I actually kinda like the younger version. It reminds me of "Hard Day's Night" which has climbed its way into at least my top 20 favorite movies(thanks to finding out about it from Mike Allred's message board where he listed it as one of his faves)

I finished my Star Wars cards this weekend. They don't want people to post them yet. If anyone reading this is an artist and wants to contribute, please contact me about it soon. They still need more people.

I twittered about this a little, but I want to try to stop using the lightbox so much. Drawing without it comes out so much fresher and more full of energy. The main benefit just seems to be in the composition, but that is something I feel one could work out in time with experience. I guess also if you have to provide clean pencils for a professional inker, it would be really tough to go without.

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